5 things every long distance runner would feel

Running gives more than just the physical benefits that people love about it. So much that some of them adapt to running for rest of their lives. What makes them do that? Apart from the regular benefits of running, a runner also gets to experience multiple feelings during the course and after finishing a run. Let’s take a look at 5 of those experience every runner would understand:

Runner’s high

When you run for a longer duration, the body releases Endorphins that interact with receptors in the brain and reducing the perception of pain and effort. This in turn gives an euphoric feeling to runners, making them happy. This feeling is commonly known as ‘Runners high’ among running community and can give you a positive outlook on life thereby reducing your stress and worries. It will make you feel less fatigued, depressed, and tense throughout the day.

 Lonliness of a long distance runnner

Feeling of Self accomplishment

Achieving a particular distance goal gives a very satisfying feeling and a sense of accomplishment. Setting a challenging target for oneself and and completing the same is a good reward for a runner. Imaging achieving a goal in the morning and feeling high the rest of the day. 



Water tastes Sweeter

This applies to any workout where you sweat but it’s a special feeling when you taste the water after a long run. The running deprives your body of the essential water and its taste can never be felt better then after finishing the run.   



Appreciation for nature

Seeing the sun rising in the morning or setting in the evening is always a special feeling. A regular runner gets to witness this on a regular basis. Running on different terrains, routes, cities and participating in different marathons gets you to experience different shades of nature.  


Camaraderie among fellow runners

All runners have a sense of camaraderie. They greet others on run as they pass a fellow runner. They would motivate anyone struggling to finish a run. They support all other runners irrespective of age and experience.


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