Reebok Salutes Women in the first #FitToFight Award


Felicitates Deepa Malik, Geeta Tandon, Vijaylaxmi, Zaariapatni and 12 others who proved that women are not the weaker sex Reebok is celebrating the struggles, dreams, and triumphs of unsung “women heroes”, who have overcome physical, mental and social barriers to achieve great things in life, by culminating the first edition of its #FitToFight awards. Hosted at […]

Nike begins its quest to break 2-hour marathon barrier


Nike has now unveild Breaking2, an innovation moonshot designed to unlock human potential. Like all daring dreams, Breaking2 has an audacious goal: Enable a sub two-hour marathon time.  Many consider this feat impossible. It requires reducing the current men’s world record time of 2:02:57 by three percent. However, that challenge is exactly what drives Nike; the […]