We all know running can do wonders to your body and mind, especially when you do it regularly. But when you take your running passion to a level where you don’t stop after taking off, you could end up achieving things beyond imaginations!!





These pictures says it all but to put things into perspective; Steve Way went from weighing 104 kilograms to qualifying for England in Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014.

Once upon a time an overweight guy, Steve used to weigh 104 kg, smoked like 20 cigarettes a day, had high blood pressure and was living on beer, chocolates and takeaways. One fine day he decided to take up running as a means of getting fit and losing weight, and never stopped thereafter.

Steve Way’s lifestyle changed dramatically in the years to come and he has added many miles in the last seven years. He is now turned into a athlete who runs 130-140 miles a week while holding down to a 9 to 5 job in a bank.

He has been tracking all of his runs and has run enough miles to cover the entire circumference of the earth!

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