One of the most beautiful feelings is to start paying attention to your body and work towards achieving a healthy lifestyle. One such practice that has been continuously gaining popularity across the world is Yoga. Yoga involves stretching of body and learning of breathing techniques, but all this cannot be attained at once. If you are a newbie to Yoga, you must know that you need to give time to yourself to get it right. With time, you are sure to ace the art of Yoga. Lets read through how to start doing yoga and things you must know! 

Know if it is for you

Before starting Yoga, many people wonder whether they will or won’t be able to perform it. Yoga can be performed by anyone and everyone irrespective of their age, weight, height etc. People who have certain medical conditions might find it a challenge to perform a specific Yoga pose or certain types of Yoga however, Yoga instructors can find safe alternatives for such people. If you feel you are extremely inflexible, start off with a gentle class and once you get into form, you can move onto something more challenging. 

Know its benefits

It always a good idea to know about the benefits of an exercise where you plan to invest your time. Yoga can give some amazing health benefits as it is a form of physical exercise that improves stamina, tones your body, corrects the body structure, strengthens the muscles, and increases flexibility just to name a few. Apart from these, performing Yoga keeps your mind healthy and prevents conditions such as heart diseases and diabetes.

The weight loss journey

Always remember that Yoga is not a cardio workout and will not play a key role in your weight loss journey. Having said that, it is the workout of the whole body which means that you might have to work harder and sweat more than in a class of cardio. Yoga majorly increases body awareness, flexibility, and relaxes the body.


There can be nothing better than being able to perform Yoga every day. However, for a beginner, this might not sound too realistic. Try to practice Yoga at least 3 times a week to be able to see significant changes in your body. If this is too much for you, try practicing Yoga once to twice a week – this will take longer to show improvements, but with time, once you are able to increase the frequency, you will certainly notice changes in your body.

Get the Right Clothes and Accessories

You do not require any fancy clothes or accessories to be able to perform Yoga. Get comfortable and loose clothes that give you the freedom to stretch your body and perform Yoga poses. Always remembering, Yoga is all about full body stretching; choose your clothes accordingly.

Another detail that needs attention is that Yoga is never performed on the floor. A good Yoga mat is a must for every Yoga performer. Numerous varieties of Yoga mats available in the market today. If you are not too sure of performing Yoga for a long time, you can choose an inexpensive mat, and once you are clear of your choice, you can invest in a mat of a better quality.

Focus on Your Eating Habits

Before commencing Yoga, your stomach and bowels should be empty. Always leave a gap of at least two to four hours between your workout and the last meal you had. Having a full stomach right before practicing Yoga might make you uncomfortable and restrict you from achieving the desired results.

Do not think of Quitting

There might be chances of you not being able to catch up on some Asanas or difficult poses in your first Yoga class. Do not lose hope! It might take some time to practice Yoga perfectly, and there is no harm in giving yourself that time. If you feel, you can also try different Yoga studios and see which one is the best for you. To be able to ace Yoga, it is important to connect with your instructor, and it is also important to not hesitate whenever you need any clarification.

Yoga is an incredible practice and once you get it right, you are going to enjoy it. With the above article clearing all your doubts about the exercise, it is now time to leave behind all the apprehensions and enter the world of Yoga!

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