Juice fasting, Juice detox or Juice cleanse is something that everyone must attempt once in every six months. Usually, the detox should be a five-day cleansing program where you get to flush out toxins and give a break to your digestive system. However, to achieve the best results, it is important to be well aware of the dos and don’ts of Juice detox. If you too are planning to go for a Juice detox, read the below article and know how to do juice detox and because these detoxes and cleanses are not for everyone. Let’s start with the dos followed by the don’ts of Juice detox.


  • Consult your Doctor

As mentioned earlier, a Juice cleanse might not be for everyone. Though detox is a great program, it might not be suited for a certain group or for people on the specific medication. Keeping this in mind, it is always advisable to consult your doctor and get a go-ahead from him/her before starting the detox plan.

  • Always Plan

If it is the first time you plan to do a detox, then it is recommended to start it when you are on a holiday or during the weekend. Different bodies react differently to Juice cleanse, and when you do it for the first time, you might get to know what suits your body and what does not – this will prepare you well for the future.

  • Go for Plant-Based Diet Before Detox

It is always a good idea to do healthy eating the days before the detox. A plant-based diet is recommended before the detox. Having a healthy diet makes it easier for the body to perform the cleansing function.

  • Be Prepared for Some Changes

It is very likely that you will feel different during and once the detox is over. You might lose some weight during or after the process. On the other hand, during the detox, you might also feel weak or experience hunger. Nevertheless, it will be worth it.

  • Stay Hydrated Apart from the Juices

Make sure you do not rely only on your juices to stay hydrated. It is important to drink a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water during detox as it helps in diluting and eliminating toxic accumulation. You can also go for herbal tea as an option to keep yourself hydrated.


  • Don’t Overdo the Exercises

While on a detox, the calorie intake is less and performing intense exercise can make you feel weak or you might just faint. If you really want to do something, do some stretches, perform Yoga or go for a walk.

  • Don’t do an Extended Juice Detox Program

A Juice detox program should ideally be short and done only for a few days. It is okay to go for the detox from one to three or maximum for five or six days, but not longer than that. A longer detox program can prove to be harmful to the body.

  • Don’t Go Back to Unhealthy Eating

Once the Juice detox is over, it is most likely that you will lose weight and feel better. However, if you go back to the unhealthy diet you used to have before detox, you will probably get back to square one. Instead, go for a healthy lifestyle and adopt a healthy eating behavior. 

  • Don’t Ignore Hunger Pains

Not eating for too long might result in hunger pain or signs of lightheadedness – do not ignore these signs. In case of such situations, do not shy away from munching on fruits or vegetables.

The next time you plan for a detox, make sure you keep the above-mentioned dos and don’ts in mind, and plan accordingly. Stay healthy!

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