MultiFit Functional Fitness Studio has been awarded the Fitness Excellence Award for Excellence in Multi-Discipline Discipline Training Fitness Club category, which was presented in Delhi recently. 

The Fitness Excellence Awards (FEA) is a National platform to recognize and honor the true champions of our industry. The objective of the FEA is to celebrate brilliance in the Fitness, Spa, and Health &Wellness Industry. FEA is India’s one of a kind Fitness award that brings all the deserved achievers in the fitness field into the Spotlight in a fair manner, highlighting the industry’s future potential and what rests in store for it. The event was graced by the presence of eminent fitness personalities and legends making it a truly glamorous and prestigious event.

Overwhelmed with the success, Dr. Samir Kapoor, Co-founder of MultiFit said, “We are deeply honored to receive this award. Our team has been very loyal to their goals and to deliver what is promised. It makes us incredibly happy to see achievers in the fitness field get the recognition that they deserve for the consistent investment they put into their craft. As much as this award makes us feel proud of our work, at the same time, it also motivates us to keep on pushing the envelope”

Co-Founder and Head Coach, Sally Jones-Kapoor of MultiFit said, “When we started off, I remember the motivation we pursued MultiFit with, our aim to provide a healthy living that would be free of health problems has kept us passionate from day one. This motivation has only grown since then, seeing wide smiles, will and motivation constantly in the people, only makes us believe more and more in our goal. This award is a mark of achievement not just for us but for everyone else who trusted our services and continue to till date. Thank You. We hope to see many new faces driven by their passion for fitness, in the time to come.”

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