International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has announced a new series of 1 mile runs in 24 cities around the world to celebrate Global Running Day on June 6 and named it “Run 24:1”.

In order to organize a successful event, IAAF is partnering with local authorities, city governments, race organizers and member federations around the cities. The IAAF’s initiative incorporates races to be held in cities across 15 time zones that will each start at the same local time to create a ‘simultaneous’ worldwide celebration of running. 

IAAF Run 24:1 will commence at 1700 local time (GMT +12) in Auckland, New Zealand, then cross Oceania to Sydney, enter Asia in Tokyo, move to Europe in Minsk, into Africa in Addis Ababa, and cross the Atlantic to the Americas in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires before the day’s final race in Vancouver on Canada’s west coast. 

In all, IAAF Run 24:1 will include stops in 23 countries, uniting tens of thousands of runners around the world.

In the past, we have seen Wings for Life organize similar World Runs. The unique aspect of the Wings for Life World Run was its moving finish line: the “Catcher Car.” 

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