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Its no surprise that fitness related resolutions such as loosing weight, gaining muscle, adopting to a healthy diet etc. are the most popular resolutions taken by us.  It is also no surprise that most of the resolution are broken soon as people give up on it easily. But did you know that every year, about USD 67 Million are lost in fitness resolution in India. 

Based on internal research of Fitso, a running and fitness App, there is an estimated loss of USD 67 million of an individual’s hard earned money in gym membership in India around New Year time. Well, that’s a lot of unintentional money loss and the reasons are same year after year.

Infographic on fitness resolution by Fitso
Infographic on fitness resolution by Fitso

What are the reasons that people give up on fitness resolution soon

Well, most people, who join up for a gym membership, find it hard to cope with the schedule after a while. Going to a gym needs preparation. All of this takes a considerable amount of time and people soon start skipping their fitness classes. Unless the gym is located right next to the house or the office, people find the commute to be a tiring one. They just don’t feel like spending so much time in traveling back and forth.

Another reason is the lack of instant results. Like with everything else nowadays, people want uber, instant, on-demand results. This is not how fitness works. It takes some time and efforts for the new routine to show some results. This makes people lose their hope and their motivation. All of this is accompanied by those super expensive gym membership packages.

There is more, additionally, most new resolutions are made around December, when the weather is cold. People find it very difficult to leave their bed for exercising. Also traveling on a chilly winter morning turns into a tedious task due to fog. As Christmas and New Year come, people mostly start indulging themselves in good food and drinks. Nobody cares about resolutions when they are in a mood to party all night long.

Still want to stick to your fitness resolution?

Certainly, there are more efforts than returns in the current methodology. There surely is a major gap in what people want and what the conventional gyms have as an offering. Fitness plans in general need to be more personalized and as per an individual’s daily dynamic schedule. They should sure be pocket-friendly and if possible should have zero commuting. With the increasing advancements in technological solutions, it has indeed become possible to have a cheap, personalized fitness plan that takes care of your exercises, nutrition. There are fitness apps which help you with all of this. So, if you want to keep a fitness New Year resolution, this is some good news.

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