Fatmarathoner.com is one of the top 15 Health & Fitness Blogs in India according to Blogmint.


Anurag is one of the Top 15 Health & Fitness influencers in India according to Blogmint. Anurag has been writing on health, fitness and marathon-related topics for over 3 years now and is also a regular contributor to other health based websites and blogs such as Aditya Birla Health blog. 

He is a passionate runner, Bollywood & cricket follower and the founder of blog www.fatmarathoner.com. He truly believes that our body is the temple the needs to be worshipped every day and he has found a way to do that through running. Having successfully completed multiple Marathons so far, with one of it being the highest, driest and toughest run in majestic Ladakh, his motive is to get people around him to adapt to running so that they can love it as much as he does!


Fatmarathoner.com is one source of health, fitness, running, marathon and inspirational news from around the world. It’s a leading health & fitness blog in the country today which was started with an objective to inspire people by sharing relevant news, features articles, updates from the world of running, marathon, fitness and health. We also provide listing of all the upcoming marathons happening in India.

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