When you say healthy, what comes to your mind? Probably a yogi in zen mode? Or someone working out in a gym or someone jogging early in the morning? Every person has a different definition of being healthy. It also depends on the type of their bodies. While there’s no sure fire list that ensures if a person is healthy, there certainly are some good habits every health-conscious individuals have in common. To enlist the most common ones, here are some habits that every individual who likes to call themselves healthy would definitely follows:

1. Exercising daily

This one is like a no brainer, indeed. We all have busy days where taking out time to even grab a bite seems impossible. For people who like to stay healthy will surely manage to take out at least 20 minutes in their schedule to work out. Fit or healthy people add at least two to six more years to their lives just because they exercise. It increases cognitive flexibility, helps nerve cells communicate better, and helps minimize the decline in brain function that begins to occur in our late ‘20s.

2. They never skip their breakfast!

Because there’s reason why they say it’s the healthiest and the most important meal of the day. The reason why is that having a healthy breakfast will prevent you from overeating later. It also helps with weight management and improving your focus throughout the day. Not only that, it also gets our blood sugar up, which makes our brain function better the rest of the day and thereby getting our metabolism going.

3. They drink ample amount of water

To stay healthy, one must consume one glass of water every hour. The sodas and diet sodas are a big no no. What’s more, drinking water prior to a meal can aid in eating less food and in weight loss, and of course, as we already know, water helps skin look at its best. Staying hydrated will help you stay full, keep you energized and help you have a better mood throughout your day.

4. Keep a check on sugar consumption

It’s a well known fact that added sugar is the single worst ingredient in the modern diet. It can have harmful effects on metabolism and contribute to all sorts of diseases. Apart from that, too much sugar in our diets can also cause Type 2 Diabetes. It dramatically reduces the body’s ability to heal and can lead to cuts and sores that can then get infected and even result in amputation. Also, in case you didn’t already know, sugar has no nutrients, no proteins, no healthy fats and no enzymes, which makes it empty calories that have disastrous effects on our health.

5. They get enough sleep

Sleep-deprivation leads to stress. There is no such thing as making up for lost sleep. The only way to keep up is to have a proper sleeping schedule, which means, a fixed time to go to sleep and to wake up.

6. They don’t smoke, do drugs, or consume alcohol (on a regular basis)

Hasn’t a lot already been spoken about all these? Writing about the harmful effects of smoking and drinking can take a lifetime! If you are a smoker, now is the time you quit. The same applies for alcohol as well. We’re not saying that having a few cocktails every now is then is not okay, but overdoing it is not!

7. They avoid emotional eating

And eating because of boredom! Believe it or not, we all feel the need to eat when we are bored, or when we feel emotionally drained. It can lead to weight gain and general fulfillment. Hence, eat only when you’re actually hungry.

8. They take regular social media breaks

Don’t be surprised to see this on the list, because this is the kind of a break that you need and deserve. Every once in a while, therefore, it is suggested to go offline and find that inner peace, away from the noise social media provides!

9. They meditate

You don’t have to be a Yogi to do that. If nothing else, daily meditating for just 10 minutes can do wonders to your body.

10. They fill up on fiber

Fiber from food sources holds many advantages, like three grams of soluble fiber from oatmeal daily in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. It also helps with weight management efforts.

If you’re not already following these simple habits, now you know how to be a healthy person. These habits also hold true if you want to live longer and live healthy. 

Say goodbye to your old habits and adopt these simple ones to stay fit and healthy!

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