The newest fad in the health space is now here. You might be hearing a lot already about ‘Cold pressed juices’ and how amazing it is for you, but before we get into health benefits of such juices, lets try and understand what exactly they are! 

Technically, Cold press juices are pressed (hydraulic) to extract juices from fruit and vegetables. This process of apply high pressure (thousands of pounds) allows the juice to be stored for many weeks, while retaining all the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The process does not involve the use of heat or oxygen therefore no nutrients are lost in the entire process of making.

So to put it out simply, cold pressed juice are still fresh for upto 10 days (Different for each brand)  from the date of manufacturing while fresh juices from other sources (juiced at home and bought from outside) needs to be consumed only fresh before oxidation process kills some of it nutrition value. Seems like a perfect choice for someone on the go and on a lookout for fresh & preservative free options. 

Overview: Cold Pressed juice from ‘My Greens’

My Greens is a new player in the market currently offering various choice of cold pressed juices packed with nutrients & live enzymes from Fruits, Vegetables & Superfoods.

The latest in Health_Cold Pressed Juice

Health benefits:

  • Great sourc of nutrient – We all know that fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (such as flavonoids). Since the juice is 100%  of fruits or vegetables delivered, it’s a quick way to get a lot of these compounds in one sitting. Since cold-pressed juices specifically are exposed to minimal heat and air, they’re able to hold onto more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes present in the whole fruit
  • Free from processed sugar – It is free of any added sugar and sweet with only natural sugars present in fruits and vegetables and therefore can be consumed guilt free
  • Free from preservatives – Unlike many brands in the market which claims to be natural and preservative free, cold pressed juices are actually the only one currently which can truly claim to be natural
  • It is a great way to add greens in your diet if your current diet is devoid of them
  • Plenty of options and flavours to choose from

Taste and packaging

  • Tastes – It taste as natural as you can get elsewhere
  • Readily available to stock and consume
  • Packaging – These juices are stored in BPA free PET bottles & placed in cold containers, to keep their freshness intact

Availability and Price:

P.S: My Greens provided us with a sample of select juices for review.

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