The Writers Block is real and so is the constant feeling of being encaged in the never-ending loops of life. Enough has been the hullabaloo surrounding your life promising you a so-called escape. The mountains are surely calling but to do what exactly? You would never wish to skip on the part where a long-term solution concerning your creativity and spirituality is proposed to you. We are here to provide you the directions right to the most effective Yoga and Wellness Retreat Centres to eliminate everything that bothers you and help you retrieve your lost energies, one-set-for-all!

  1. Yoga Sutra Retreat by Vigyan Yoga – Deer Park Institute Bir, Himachal Pradesh

With its scenic presence in the lap of mighty Himalayas, this exceptional Yoga and wellness retreat centre has too many features on its crown to set your mind at awe and your heart at peace. Book your slot right now for an 8-day soulful yoga sutra retreat commencing from March 20, 2022 where meditation, pranayama and philosophy will take you to a serene journey of finding yourself all over again. Practice and contemplate the true yogic life and eliminate all your miseries through enlightenment and inculcating all the 195 yoga sutras in your life.

  1. Soul & Surf – Varkala, Kerala

Surf your soul and find the balancing acts with everything soulful in Soul & Surf, Kerala. It aims to provide you good health, inspiration and good times through a bit of pious and not-so-strict yoga and meditation routine. Come what may, Soul & Surf will leave you relaxed and refreshed with plenty of yoga, massage, music and meditation sessions.

  1. Auroville Viluppuram, Tamil Nadu

A rather strange yet profound name on the list is a complete township and a home to a number of wellness resorts and homestays. Once served a few days in Auroville, it is highly likely that this place won’t leave you ever in your life. Check in for intuitive yoga sessions, and get inspired by soul-soothing music, art and dance therapy.

All wellness travellers and muse seekers will find something that ignites their internal fire.

  1. Ananda In The Himalayas – Narendra Nagar, Uttarkhand

This retreat centre spanning across an area of 24,000 sq. ft. couples both ancient Indian arts of yoga and ayurveda to give you the best time for your retreat. One can always seek out golf sessions, intense sports like water-rafting and personalized therapy sessions that focus on detoxifying and relaxing your mind and body. Regardless to say, the absolute bliss after Yoga through the application of ayurveda is unmatched.

  1. The Leela Kovalam, Kerala

Not just touted as a luxury hotel but also one of the best wellness centres in India, The Leela never ceases to surprise its visitors with a series of therapy sessions that aims to detoxify, and rejuvenate your core. With a variety of lifestyle packages, one can make an escape into The Leela to do what ultimately pleases the creative and spiritual muses of the individual and it is deemed to make you fall in love with yourself all over again.

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