Who doesn’t want to lose weight, but when one plans to do so, it is extremely important to know whether what has been planned is the right way of losing weight or not. Many times, a person trying to lose weight makes all possible efforts yet is unable to see the results. Ever wondered why? There are several common mistakes one makes when trying to lose weight.

The most common belief is that exercising regularly and consuming fewer calories can help one lose weight. Though this holds true, there is much more to this when one tries to lose weight. There are numerous mistakes one makes that might reverse, halt or delay the results. Let us have a look at some common yet surprising mistakes one makes when trying to lose weight. Also, the following article will tell how one can rectify those mistakes.

Mistake: Focusing Only on Cardio

If you have been exercising daily, yet are unable to achieve the desired results, there is something wrong you might be doing. If you focus only on cardio and avoid strength training, there could be a possibility that your weight loss journey might not be as good as it should have been. Strength training not only builds the muscles but also boosts the metabolism and increases belly fat loss.

Rectification: One of the best ways to promote weight loss is by combining cardio with strength training.  If you cannot do both on the same day, you can do them on an alternate basis. If possible, it is advisable to do both on the same day. 

Mistake: Not Including Enough Fiber in Your Diet

Incorporating fiber in the meal is a must for anyone trying to lose weight. It is important to understand how adding fiber-rich foods to your diet can do wonders for your body. Following this, it steadily settles in the digestive system, thereby making you feel fuller for a long period of time. If you are trying to lose weight, but not including fiber in your meal, you are making one huge mistake.

Rectification: Ensure that you are having a diet which is rich in fiber. Few foods that are high in soluble fiber are nuts, beans, oatmeal and peeled fruits. Other foods that are rich sources of insoluble fiber are leafy vegetables, whole grains, fruits skins and brown rice to name a few. 

Mistake: Skipping Meals

One of the most common mistakes people trying to lose weight is skipping meals, especially breakfast. Believe it or not, skipping meals will just not help. On the contrary, skipping breakfast only slows down the metabolism. Furthermore, when you have a half-filled tummy, you tend to overeat or binge unnecessary food items later in the day.

Rectification: Make sure that you eat a nutrient-rich and healthy breakfast. This will give you enough energy to survive throughout the day. A good and healthy breakfast includes protein and carbs with fiber. Eggs or oatmeal are considered to be good breakfast options.

Mistake: Eating healthy Foods Excessively

It is certainly a good idea to eat healthy foods, but always remember, overdoing anything might prove to be harmful. Though healthy foods are good for the body, they might lead to weight gain. Having excessive healthy foods means overdoing the calorie intake (no matter it is the calorie of the healthy food), and needless to say, more the calories means more the weight.

Rectification: When having healthy foods like avocado, nuts, quinoa or brown rice etc., stick to a single serving of these foods. Always keep in mind the serving and maintain the portion balance.

These quick fixes in your routine can help you lose weight the right way. Be healthy, stay healthy and do it the right way!

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