Shopping patterns on Flipkart reveal some interesting facts about the most health conscious cities in India. Rapid increase in pollution levels, long work hours and stressed work-life balance have opened up a whole new market for health and fitness products.
With chart topping demand numbers for air purifiers and fitness bands, Delhi has been identified as India’s most health conscious city followed by Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Indians are proactively taking preventive measures in their everyday lives to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example: Fitness bands are most popular between the age group of 20-35 years. Air purifiers are a big hit amongst 35-50 year olds.

In the last six months, there has been a huge spike in the average daily sales of health and fitness products. A study conducted by Flipkart has pointed out some insights on what the health conscious cities in India are purchasing:

  • Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai are the most health conscious cities in India
  • Air purifiers, advanced water purifiers, air fryers, fitness bands, glucometer, BP monitor and weighing scales are the most popular products. Health and fitness categoryhas witnessed a 2X growth in the last six months
  • High pollution levels have increased the risk of air and water borne diseases in metro cities. Airand advanced water purifiers are the top selling products in cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai with 1.7X growth. Kent, Eurekaforbes, Philips and Prestige are the most sought after brands for these products
  • Fitness bands have emerged as the must-have heath accessory for every Indian. This is one of the fastest growing product segments on Flipkart with top selling products from brands like GoQii, Fitbit, Garmin, Moov
  • Specialized health products like BP Monitors and Glucometers have witnessed 1.5X growth. This range of products is extremely popular amongst 35-50 year olds. Omron, Accuchek, Dr. Morepen and Johnson & Johnson are the top selling brands
  • Weighing scales and juicers have also witnessed a significant rise in demand. Compact juicer sets are extremely popular amongst young Indians. Health Sense, Venus, Philipsand Bajaj are the top brands for these products.

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