Gathers 30 million data points specific to workout sessions

In a market cluttered with apps that help you log your meals and track your movement, Mobiefit is trying to differentiate itself by focusing on creating standardised, goal-based training programs for users who want to take charge of their own fitness. Mobiefit RUN – their running training app – is currently being used by 21,000+ runners to train for their first unbroken 5 Km run, while 3,000 of them have already graduated on to more advanced training programs.  

Bolstered by its proprietary SDK, it’s two consumer-facing apps, and close to 650K exercise sessions logged, Mobiefit has amassed over 30 million fitness related data points. 

“Compared to traditional gyms which only capture a member’s name, age, height and weight; for every Mobiefit user, we capture 50+ data points including type of exercise, duration & frequency of workouts, reps done, intensity, calories burnt, diet preferences, consistency, progress, and relative strength of different parts of the body. This enables us to create a detailed personal fitness history for each user and tailor their future workouts”, says Sushant Chavan, Venture Head at Mobiefit. 

Overall, Mobiefit RUN users clocked in more than 500,000+ Kms. Beginners tracked around 14,000 individual running sessions lasting at least 5 KM, while more seasoned runners clocked 600+ half and full marathon sessions. Meanwhile, Mobiefit BODY has tracked over 1.1 million unique exercise reps – including 500,000 push-ups, 485,000 squats and 175,000 crunches. Between both the apps, 185,000 users have collectively burnt over 34 million Calories.

“Our USP is combining sensor-based exercise tracking with algorithmically customized workout programs. Our proprietary SDK includes a motion tracking engine to track distance, duration and pace; and a 3D-motion tracking engine to track bodyweight movements like push-ups, squats & crunches. This enables us to actually ‘count’ each rep during a workout, while our backend algorithm sanitizes this data to eliminate any fraudulent data”, says Shantanu Raghav, who heads Product at Mobiefit. 

Apart from the app’s in-built technology, Mobiefit RUN also integrates with major fitness wearables and other tracking apps, including Strava, FitBit, Google Fit, Jawbone and Withings to name a few. Till date Mobiefit has recorded 5000 fitness sessions from 1,463 users who clocked a total of 30,000 KMs using their wearable devices.

“Our data reflects the story of our users as they continue to chase new personal milestones each day. For instance, 16 of our runners have tracked a full 5K run in under 12:37 – that’s faster than the official world record. The longest individual run we’ve recorded was more than 62 Km, and one of our users clocked a staggering total of 969 Km last year”, says Pravar Peri who leads Marketing at Mobiefit. 

Apart from individual records, the data also reveals temporal and seasonal usage patterns. For example, Tuesdays typically see the most number of workout sessions started, while the most active time periods are between 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM, followed by 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM. Spring seems to be the most active season in the year, with maximum sessions being logged between February – April.

Mobiefit was born at Prototyze, the Goa-based venture-builder. Prototyze has already five ventures that have collectively raised over $12 million in investment. These include digital lending company Seynse, IoT plus SaaS transportation technology company TempoGO and the mTraining SaaS platform HandyTrain.

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