Second edition of Runkeeper’s Global 5K concluded recently after receiving astounding response for its first edition. This time, there were over 50% more runners on the road, tracking more than 1 million kilometres. The result digs deep into the stats covering fastest countries, number of first-time 5K, iphone vs Android runners etc.

The result reveals that Denmark emerged as the fastest country followed by Australia and Ireland. iPhone runners yet again clocked faster times than those with Androids.

Runkeeper’s Global 5K event unites runners from across the world who have to run/walk 5km anytime on a given day. Thousands of runners in countries across the world comes out for the same event on the same day! This race that can be run anywhere at any pace, whether it’s your local park, gym, or neighborhood.

Take a look at the infographic below for the complete details.


About Runkeeper
Runkeeper is a leading mobile running app that helps runners of all levels – including beginners – get started with a fitness routine and stick with it forever. It makes running fun and engaging through tailored music and workout experiences, and helps people build lasting routines with smart schedules that fit into their busy lives. One of the first apps in the 2008 App Store launch, Runkeeper now has more than 45 million users across 200 countries. The app is available in 12 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Korean and Simplified Chinese.

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