Some of us work out regularly and rest of us just dream and hope to reach our fitness goals someday. We all know the benefits of health and fitness regimens and yet we loose the steam and motivation mid-way, having to restart the fitness program once again. Its more easier to continue on a program then having to start all over again, for which the key is to stay motivated through out. We came across an interesting graphic created by Bankers Healthcare Group.

BHG360° conducted an informal survey of a variety of health and fitness bloggers, from active mothers like Mackenzie McKee to certified trainers like Leslie Ann Quillen. These fitness freaks were asked to share their tips and advice about working out and staying in shape and how to keep up the motivation. The snapshop created based on the response shows us the strategies and regimens taken up by them to reach the fitness goal. BHG360° created this graphic in the spirit of National Physical Fitness and Sport Month. 

Bankers Healthcare Group, are the leading provider of financial solutions for healthcare professionals. They run many initiatives to get people moving. Since 2001, they have been committed to providing hassle-free financing solutions for healthcare professionals, allowing them to remain focused on delivering high-quality care. BHG has provided more than $2 billion in funding to thousands of satisfied customers nationwide. 

The snapshot below takes us to various goals these people choose depending on their age group and how they go about achieving it. Lets take a look at what healthy people do to stay fit. 

Fitness Infographic

Title picture courtesy: Reebok-Yoga-collection.

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