Running with music or without it? This is a very hot topic for debate among runners today. It’s a very common site to see joggers running with their music on these days – especially with the availability of headphones and players designed specifically for running and workouts.

I am often asked why I don’t carry my music along to the runs. Well I have tried it but, personally I can’t run with music on, as I don’t get to hear or feel my heart beat rhythm and that gets me worried. But this is not the case with all the people out there trying to pile up distances. It’s worth looking at the pros of running with and without music in order to decide for oneself.

Running with Music:

  • Running with music on can provide additional motivation to accomplish the run
  • Your favourite music can help in increasing concentration and lowering your perception of effort
  • Good music can enhance the joy of running
  • Pumping music can pump up the adrenaline, thereby making you better while pushing through the limits

 Running without music:

  • Better attention to breathing and the falling steps on the ground
  • Better attention to surroundings and thus faster reaction to incoming alerts – like a vehicle or a stray animal
  • No need to worry about carrying music player and charging it before the runs
  • Without music, the sound of nature can cheer up your running experience – like the sound of chirping birds and blowing wind

To also put things into perspective, A Runner’s World survey (of 3,523 runners) revealed that more than 74% of respondents were “for running with music”.

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