It now a common site to see people running in the morning, on paths or parks. While many of these running souls are in groups, some still prefers to run alone. It not researched enough or measured what benefits more a runner, running alone or running in groups? I think it’s more of a personal comfort for each individual to decide between the two. If this thought has appeared to you, or if it’s something you are contemplating, it is worth going through the list of benefits of running solo or in group in order to take a wise decision.

Benefits of Running Solo

  • While running alone, a runner can run at his or her own pace without having to worry about following others or to lead others

  • Running alone provides a more peaceful mind – As you get to really think and concentrate and completely clear out your mind

  • It helps you to pay better attention to your form and breathing, thereby giving you more control of your movement and body

  • You can easily set personal targets while running alone

  • Works better for those who are hooked on to music while running

Benefits of Running in Groups

  • There is sense of competitiveness while running in groups – as you don’t want to bee seen as a slow runner

  • There is also a popular belief that two is always better than one – your performance on certain tasks improves when you do them with others

  • Good sharing of inspirational experiences from fellow runners

  • Faster access to information and updates from the group on topics related to running

  • You tend to be more punctual when running in groups – you have an extra motivation to get out of bed if the group is waiting for you

  • Running in a group provides an opportunity for social connections

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