Vesta Elder Care, a healthcare and wellness provider for seniors, launched its mobile app as a part of its initiative to provide sustainable healthcare services on a single platform, bringing symmetry to the unorganized home care services sector.

In the words of Mr. Rahul Misra, “Our newly launched mobile app has all the services enlisted and a vast database of staff and equipment at our patrons’ disposal. It is conceptualized and designed to make our services more accessible and seamless for our clients. The app provides an extensive database and multiple options for staff and equipment and assists them with the best service per their requirements. In addition, it shall facilitate record keeping of patient’s health data and serve as a single touch point for acquiring all the services offered, from billing to care management.”

The app is an healthcare ecosystem app that aims to save the client’s time and hassle by bringing a structure to the caregiving industry. The amalgamation of technology is a revolutionary step to help the clients seek appropriate care and equipment for the patients and elderly. The company is located in and provides its services in Delhi-NCR and is undertaking expansion to more cities. The operations have already started in Punjab.

The services offered include caregivers, nurses, dietician consultation, quality medical equipment, ICU setup, lab tests, doctor consultation, physiotherapy, and more. Not just limited to these, but all possible options are offered to provide healthcare and wellness needs at home. 

The pricing depends upon the services selected, is entirely customizable, and is at a standard rate. In addition, the in-app purchase policy is relatively transparent, and all acceptable payment modes are online. The mobile application is accessible and can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS, with no registration fee.

Vesta Elder Care claims to be the first, with this extensive app, with no other organization in this domain. Hence they are looking to set up high healthcare standards and generate competition.

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