A healthier body and a calmer mind, is something everyone aspires for. Running is the amazing ability a man has to achieve the two. Not only that, regular running can make you look good (leaner and fitter) and get your cholesterol out of the way, blood sugar managed & help you de-stress.  Here are 10 good reasons to hit the ground immediately and start running now!

Do it anywhere and anytime

Yes, you can do it anywhere – park, road, gym or home (if you have a treadmill). You don’t have to restrict to just morning or evening for running, you can do it anytime of the day depending on your work schedule. Even if you are on a vacation or an official trip, you can always take out 30 mins and go for a run.

Loose weight

Running and weight loss are closely linked and running is probably the best way to loose and reach your ideal weight. Running is recommended by all the fitness coach and nutritionist for managing health body weight. Running gets your metabolism rolling and is helpful in burning more fat for each activity you do in the day. The key to weight loss is to run regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Feel energetic

Running gives you a natural high and  sense of accomplishment. You feel a sudden surge of energy make its way through your body. Going for 20-30 minute run each day can give you the energy to get you through the rest of your day.

Eliminate Stress

If you feel stressed and if lots is going in your mind, go for a run. Running clears your head and sorts out your thoughts. You not only feel lighter in mind, but the sense of having finished a run makes you feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day. Long, distance runs can help relieve headaches while short, speed runs are great for relieving anger and hate. Endorphin/ runner high is not just a myth, it actually works.

Boost memory

Exercise and specially running has been shown to keep the mind sharp & alert. Running regularly is also linked to protect brain against Alzheimer’s, even among those with a family history of it.

Strengthen your bone

Many believe that regular running with pounding steps on payment affects your bone and joints. But on the contrary regular running builds healthy bones.  Running is recommended to increase and prevent loss of bone mineral density, thereby helping in preventing Osteoporosis, a condition that affects millions of people worldwide.

Sleep better

Who doesnt want to sleep like a baby? A sound sleep in the night makes your next day more efficient and productive as you feel energetic throughout the day. Runners tend to adapt to set sleeping routines in order to keep running high as it encourages higher quality sleep.

Increase stamina

If you go on a trekking or hiking, do you feel left out when other climbs up faster then you? Well, you can outpace them next time if you are a regular runner. Running will improve stamina, making workouts – hiking, trekking, biking etc. more enjoyable and productive.

Eat more carbs

Who doesn’t love to gorge on their favorite food without worrying about gaining weight? Running requires you to use energy and the best source of energy is Carbohydrates rich food. Long distance runners are required to eat carbs before long runs in-order to prepare themselves better. So if you like to run those long distance, you can go have lots of bananas and carb-rich food guilt free.

Look and Feel Younger

Latest evidence shows that regular running may slow down the ageing process. The American study looked at 30 healthy people, both men (15) and women (15), aged around 69 and found that running at an old age consumed the same amount of energy as walking at a young age.

A study from Tel Aviv University has found that endurance exercises rejuvenates our muscles and keeps us youthful. That doesn’t seem shockingly new, but the breakthrough that the scientists made was to explain how. It seems that exercise unlocks the stem cells of our muscles.

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