Treadmill vs road running has been debated for a very long time. When it comes to running, you may find two types of people, those who swear by outdoor running and those who feel only comfortable running indoors (treadmill). Although, most of the long distance runners prefer to run outdoors, there are many runners who clock their maximum weekly runs on a treadmill. Regardless of personal preference, both treadmill running and road running benefit runners and boost cardiovascular fitness.

Benefits of Treadmill Running

Treadmills being used in a gymnasium in Birmingham UK

Treadmills running can benefits runners in several key ways. When the weather Gods makes it impossible for you to run outdoors, the lone option for you to sweat out is a ‘Treadmill’, a weather proof running companion. Whether you run on the treadmill at your home or head to a local gym, treadmill running offers a safe and convenient training environment. For injury-prone runners, the smooth surface significantly reduces pounding and stress on the knee. Treadmill also allows runners to track distance, beats per minute and calories real-time (on the treadmill screen). This helps them to analyse their fitness and make further improvements. Some runners focus better on the treadmill and are able to measure progress with every mile they clock; they enjoy the safety, convenience and ease of treadmill running.

Benefits of Road Running


Road running makes more sense for if you are training for a marathon running, as these runs always happens outdoors. Road running are also popular to ones who want to feel closer to the nature and love the fresh air. Road running trains you to adopt to changing terrain, climatic conditions and wind resistance. Scientific evidence explains how running outside forces runners to contend with the wind and to expend more energy as a result. Some runners also love other aspect of running on road like passing other runners, navigating different surfaces, freshness of morning air and hitting specific landmarks. These runners generally embrace fighting through adverse weather conditions.

Happy running wherever you prefer to run!

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