For all those fearing what can happen if they run or workout too much, a new study has come out in support of people who put in many miles per week stating that it doesn’t add any further risk to you mortality. This new study of exercise levels and mortality has reinforced a global conclusion that a modest amount of weekly workout can give many benefits while high levels of exercise does not appear to carry any health risks.   

The study was published online recently by JAMA Internal Medicine. The 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommended a minimum of 75 vigorous-intensity or 150 moderate-intensity minutes per week of aerobic activity for substantial health benefit and suggested additional benefits by doing more than double this amount. However, the upper limit of longevity benefit or possible harm with more physical activity was unclear.

The study was conducted to measure and define the upper limit of benefit or harm associated with increased levels of physical activity. From a sample of 661 137 men and women the study found that those exercising as per the federal Govt’s physical activity guideline enjoyed 20% reduction in mortality rate as compared to non-exercisers. Those men and women who exercised 3-5 times experienced reduction in the risk by 39% and those who exercised upto 10 times also maintained a high risk reduction rate.

In conclusion the report suggests that meeting the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans minimum by either moderate- or vigorous-intensity activities was associated with nearly the maximum longevity benefit. In regard to mortality, health care professionals should encourage inactive adults to perform leisure time physical activity and do not need to discourage adults who already participate in high-activity levels. SO if we listen to our body and exercise cautiously, too much running is only going to benefit you!

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