What makes GOQii special and stand out from other fitness bands available in the market? GOQii is the only band which is able to personally connect with all its customers. Imagine having a coach who monitors and talks to you daily about your fitness routine and guides & motivates you towards achieving your fitness goals. This makes GOQii wholly unique as it integrates a wrist-worn device with a day-to-day personal relationship with an actual coach who will interpret the data, set goals, identify challenges and motivate the users to reach permanent and healthy lifestyle changes.

What’s makes it more special is the price that you pay for a personal coach, which is much lower than what you would pay for in a gym!

GOQii’s advanced fitness tracker comes with a bevy of features including a full touch display, a vibrating alarm, automatic wireless syncing via Bluetooth and many more facets. There is a system of Karma points that users earn for “good work” that are then used as donations from GOQii to charities around the world, such as Oxfam.

GOQii smartband is available to buy with subscriptions starting from Rs 6,999 for six months and Rs 11,999 for a year (taxes extra). You can also get a special deal (limited) from Amazon and buy it for Rs. 3999 all inclusive for 3 months subscriptions.

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GOQii has also partnered with Oxfam India to raise awareness of global injustice and poverty with “From couch to 100Km” fitness and social initiative. As a part of the initiative, the Trailwalker events will take place in India in December 2014 and January 2015. The program, “From Couch to 100 km”, will intertwine GOQii’s mission to improve lives through social causes with Oxfam India’s drive to overcome and raise awareness of global poverty.

Participants in Trailwalker endurance events will tackle 100 km of Indian terrain within a 48-hour timeframe, with teams of four raising funds for Oxfam’s efforts to eradicate inequality. GOQii (“Go-Key”) is the leading sponsor of the “From Couch to 100 km” events in Mumbai (December 5-7, 2014) and Bengaluru (January 23-25, 2015), and will provide onsite assistance for all participants on event days as well as offering an extended, free three-month training period.

GOQii coaches will interact with captains of all participating teams for both motivational and physical support, as well as physical training for the 100 km walk, throughout the endurance events. The coaches will serve as guide and also provide training on various aspects of the event.   GOQii will also organize off-line events for the teams that will further enhance their capabilities to complete the walk.

“We are honored to take part of such an important event that raises awareness of Oxfam India’s mission to eliminate poverty worldwide,” said Vishal Gondal, CEO and Founder of GOQii. “We believe that everyone possesses boundless potential for healthy, sustainable living, which perfectly aligns with Oxfam’s mission to create better lives for everyone around the world.”

Dr. Nisha Agrawal, CEO of Oxfam India, noted, “Our vision of ‘right to life with dignity for all’ begins at the grassroots level, and this event will demonstrate Oxfam’s commitment to create a more equal, just and viable world. GOQii exemplifies the partnership that is needed to make a lasting impact upon the world.”

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