No matter how busy you are, maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be one of the top priorities of one’s life. Whether you are a stay-at-home person or a professional, exercising should be a part of your routine. Having said that, how many of us actually take out the time to keep our body fit? If your head nodded to a yes, congratulations, you are on the right path to a healthy life, but if you took time to think of an answer to the question, it is high time you start implementing some physical activity into your daily routine.

Exercising does not only mean hitting the gym. Extra movements throughout the day can help you keep your muscles toned. The first step to a healthy lifestyle is to choose something over nothing. Read on to know the tips to stay fit and how you can squeeze a fitness routine throughout your busy day :

Every step counts: Walking is a very good exercise and one must try to walk as much as possible during the day. Instead of the elevator, opt for stairs. If you are going for grocery shopping, park your car at a distance from the store and walk till the desired place. Adding a few steps to your routine can help you keep your body fit.

Clean and lean: Doing household chores is a fantastic way to burn those extra calories. When you have to do these tasks anyway, why not add a fun element to it? Put on the music and get going with your regular work like making the bed, doing the laundry, vacuuming, dusting etc.

Stretch it out: Sitting in front of the office desk for long hours can build tension up in the shoulders and neck. Relax those tense muscles by stretching whenever possible throughout the day. Neck and shoulder release, shoulder and chest relaxer or one-arm reach are a few stretching exercises you must opt for. 

Tuck in that tummy: Whether you are watching your favorite TV show or working at the office, make sure you tuck in your tummy as much as possible. Squeeze your abs and hold on to the position for 10 seconds. Gradually release the abs and repeat this exercise 10 times. Try to incorporate this simple technique at least three times throughout the day. This will flatten and strengthen the stomach muscles, and also improve your posture.

Healthy eating: When you are busy at work, the most convenient way to fill your tummy is by grabbing the easiest and quickest thing possible from the cafeteria. When you get home tired, you just call up and order your favorite dish. This might bring relief to your hunger pangs at the moment, but eventually, this habit will take a toll on your health. Incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle, drink lots of water and see the change in your body.

Following these simple tips can help you get into the ‘Workout Mode’ anywhere, anytime. Get started!

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