Some people believe that age is just a number and you can continue doing your favorite activity without worrying about aging. Running a full marathon (42Kms) is a daunting tasks for any age group runner and finishing it in under 4 hrs is a even a bigger challenge for any seasoned runner. Now we have Ed Whitlock,  an 85 years old Canadian, who recently finished the marathon distance in sub 4 hrs. He has now become an inspiration and role model for most youngs and olds around the world.

Participating in the  Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Ed Whitlock ran 42 Kms distance in 3 hours and 56 minutes, shattering the existing world record for his age group by 40 mins.

A video by Canadian Running magazine shows Whitlock break the men’s 85-89 age group record for the marathon. In the video, you can see many young marathoners finishing around the same time as Ed Whitlock. While giving interview after the race, he is seen telling the Canadian Running Magazine that he might have started the race off too fast as always and wasn’t feeling great at around the 15-mile mark. Although he was on a pace to finish it in sub 4 hrs but he thought he would slow down and wont be able to make it.

Well now the whole world knows that he did it. 

Watch the video here:

While talking about inspiration, we also have our very own Milind Soman (50 years) and Fauja Singh (105 years) who continue to inspire the world to take up running or any other active sports to stay fit and health.

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