Lets be honest..snacking or binging on fast food is becoming the single reason why most of us are not able to meet with our fitness objectives. We work hard and try and refrain ourselfs from anything that is unhealthy but its the moments like evenings or late nights when we tend to give up to the cravings as our hand reaches out to items that although satisfies craving, but its always at the cost of our health.

We were looking for options for healthy snacking and thats when we came across the recently introduced Easy Herbal Bars from from Naturell India, a pioneering name in the nutrition industry. We also got a chance to taste and try it for our self (Thanks to Naturell India for sending through the samples).

There are three variants available from RiteBite – Eazy slim, Eazy Immune and Eazy Calm. As the name suggests, Eazy Slim has the right nutrition providing protein and fiber rich ingredients to enable weight loss. Eazy Immune helps to strengthen body’s vitality to help increase immunity and Eazy Calm helps in stress management with the help of rejuvenating herbs that support in restoring balance of body and mind. 

Eazy Calm Eazy Immune Eazy Slim

To be honest, everything was right about these bars – it is fillling and you no more feel hungry after eating this, it act as a good source of energy and protein after your run/workout as it has all the right nutritional content to keep you healthy. It took me a while to develop the taste for it as consisted of herbs such as Ashwagandha. 

These bars are also a perfect meal substitute when you have just a few minutes to fill your appetite. It is a vegetarian source of high protein, fiber and energy that can be easily carried in your purse / pocket and consumed anywhere / anytime. It has well calculated calories that can be easily digested by the body without adding those extra pounds to your weight. 

Busy Lifestyle can easily make anybody’s health take a back seat. Naturell offers a wide range of RiteBite products like Protein Bars, Healthy Snacking Bar and Diet Bars to keep up your energy levels with adequate nutrients without compromising on taste. The company also offers range of Protein bars consisting of Max Protein and Work Out bar. The High Protein and Low Carbohydrates content of the Max Protein Bar make it a perfect Post Workout Meal. However Max Protein is not only for Body builders or trainers, but also for Corporate Executives, Athletes, and anybody looking for a healthy yet convenient meal replacement. Max Protein Bar is loaded with 20g protein, 5g fiber, 21 vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, omega 3, amino acids (L- Glutamine and more) and pre biotic. RiteBite Max Protein “2 Minute Mein Lunch” fits perfectly well into today’s busy life as it prevents on the extra calories and gives the adequate nutrition required.

Happy snacking!

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