While India and Indians are already gearing up to celebrate and adopt Yoga as their lifestyle choice on the first International Yoga Day, Reebok has revealed the Yoga must haves for 2015 to let you celebrate International Yoga day. Now you can strike a pose in style with Reebok’s trendy and chic Yoga collection. Drawing from the brand’s rich fitness heritage, the unique apparel and accessories collection helps you move freely and brightens up your workout. Effortlessly cool silhouettes, capris with bold graphics, colour-popping sports bras and breathable leggings are defining fashion trends in the Yoga wear category thereby marrying comfort with style. Moreover, colorful and trendy Yoga accessories such as mats, sippers, grip socks, yoga sleeves and bags will add to a fulfilling Yoga experience.

Now move freely and comfortably with yoga wear that combines stylish cuts and silhouettes with high-performance fabrics. Stretch in style with Reebok’s sports bras equipped with the signature PlayDry moisture-wicking technology, keeping you dry and comfortable during your workout. Additional cup inserts provide added support, and the sweet stripe pattern will have you saluting the sun with style.

Featuring Reebok’s unique cuffed silhouette and lightweight fabric, the Reebok Yoga Striped shorts enable maximum reach and flexibility. A secure and flattering fit with an elasticated waist ensures that you stay focused on your standing bow pose.

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Look for added comfort and relaxed fit with the Reebok Pure Yoga pants. Perfect for high performance exercises, these pants enable you to flex your feet easily with a stirrup ankle, and eliminate the risk of riding up your legs during stretches. Experience stability throughout all your poses with Reebok’s trendy tank tops. Slim fit with a longer, hip-hugging length and dropped arm holes, these allow you to strike a pose with confidence rather than awkwardly adjusting your top.

Infuse a splash of vibrant colors to your summer yoga routine with Reebok’s Scenic Yoga leggings and sports bra. The super soft, moisture-wicking fabric will make you want to slip them on and get into your yoga groove.

Elevate your spirit during your yoga workout by sporting the playful Reebok Beanie Tanks. The longer length lends confidence-building coverage, while the bold colors and prints make them summery and bright additions to your yoga wardrobe.  

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Expect envious glances from your class regulars by adding a pop of violet in your workout wardrobe this summer. Energize your workout with the vibrant printed Yoga Capri, and strike challenging Yoga poses in style. Moreover, stay cool and dry while enhancing your bodily flexibility with the extremely effective PlayDry technology.

If prints and graphics aren’t your style, choose from a range of capris in solid colors. Mix and match with striped strappy bras to break the solid look, or contrasting beanie and tank tops for some serious color-blocking mania. The broad elasticized waist and cuffs of the capris provide you a snug fit, while the skinny silhouette gives you all the more reason to show off your toned legs.

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Why should women have all the fun? 

With an increasing number of men being introduced to the benefits of Yoga, Reebok India offers a range of stylish apparel for men too!

Casual on the outside, committed on the inside, choose from superbly crafted Reebok Yoga Tanks for men. Available in two variants – yoga enthusiasts can opt for the Reebok Yoga mesh tank or the Reebok Graphic Yoga Tank. Superbly crafted, the tanks are equipped with the PlayIce technology, and dropped arm holes that help keep you cool, dry and free so your actions look effortless as you bend, stretch and pose.

Also try out the all new Reebok Yoga Knit shorts for a truly comfortable workout.

Yoga-Mesh-Tank_1_B83892_3062x6000    Yoga-Knit-Short_0_B88153_5057x6000


Accessorize it! 

Team up your yoga wear with brightly colored yoga mats, grip socks, yoga bags, or stylish sippers for the ultimate yoga experience. Slip into difficult asanas easily without the fear of slipping with the no-slip Reebok Yoga socks. The unique gel print on the bottom provides you traction on the surface whereas the arch support gives foot-hugging support.

Yoga Socks_Rs. 699Yoga STR Sleeve_Rs. 1,699

For a comfortably grounded feel, opt for the yoga mat to perfect your practice be it in the studio or in your home. It provides just the right amount of cushion to hold your poses with better ease, and is available in a range of bright colours. Also choose from trendy Yoga bags and sleeves to carry your yoga mat around in style.

So what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest Reebok Fit Hub store today and gear up for the International Yoga Day in head-turning Reebok apparel and accessories.

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