Yu Televentures, a subsidiary of Micromax, has announced the launch of a fitness band, YuFit for a price of Rs. 999. YuFit is a wireless wristband that works in tandem with a dedicated app to dynamically monitor fitness levels, set alarms and reminders. The device is a specimen of smart integration of accessories and app for a wholesome smartphone experience for those who seek more. The device integrates wearable technology and expert-led personalized coaching to encourage users to make a sustainable shift toward a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

YuFit will be available through Amazon.in for the registered users, and registration started at 12 noon from today. The first sale will be on 29th July (Wednesday) at 12 noon. YuFit is also supported by companion apps YuFit (on Google play store) and HealthifyMe (On Google play store and Apple App Store) to provide the best fitness experience. Moreover, first 1000 customers will get access to fitness trainer at no cost.

YuFit is tailored based on your current physical, medical and motivational levels. You can set ‘Daily goals’ with the companion apps and watch yourself successfully achieve them on the dashboard. The unified interface lets you monitor steps walked, calories burnt and daily goals reached. You can also set alarm on the app and gradually be woken up by soft band vibrations. 

The YuFit app also helps you carry on with your workout tension free by notifying incoming calls by means of an OLED display mounted on the band and device vibrations. It gives instant alerts and forwards messages and notifications to the band for a quick viewing on the move.

The other cool feature includes ‘Ask the expert option’. The nutritionists and fitness experts are available 24 x 7 to provide guidance on how to reach targets. YuFit experts work with the user’s data to provide customized advice on a regular basis, and to keep the user motivated and on track to success by goal reinforcement. The experts understand that apart from weight loss programme, psychological and social factors as well contribute to wellness and thus they help you set appropriate goals around food, exercise, and more. 

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