Winter is coming and you all would be getting ready to take your fitness a level above. Winters are considered best time to register your PR in marathons. Running regularly is important, whatever is your primary goal, and there can never be a better time than winter to start your fitness regime. One can always hit the gym or perform various exercises at home to stay fit. But, if you don’t like performing these things and are more into running outdoors, you won’t be wrong either.

But before you make up your mind and hit the road to start running in winters, there are certain things to take care and keep in mind, just so that you can make the most of it and don’t end up getting yourself hurt.

Here are the important tips for running in winter. 

Ensure proper running gears

Shoes: One of the most important part of running gear is having proper shoes. You should make sure that your shoes has the adequate grip in order to hold well to a wet surface from overnight snow or mist.  You can go for trail shoes or the ones which has spikes in order to get good grip while running just in case you are running in wet condition.

Socks: Now this is understood. It isn’t advisable to start running while wearing shoes but without socks. Use good quality socks, especially the ones designed for winter running as they will give you enough warmth to get through your running. 

Gloves: Wear good quality winter gloves while taking a run. This will give protection to your hands from those chilling winter winds. Make sure the gloves aren’t too bulky, but thick enough to provide necessary warmth. After all, you should be able to tie your shoes with ease without having to remove your gloves.

Goggles: This is required for many reasons. If the sun is out, and you are running through the snow, you wouldn’t want the sun rays to distract you while running. It also protects your eyes from any particles getting in way of your sight while running.

Winter creams: Apply lip balms on your lips and cold creams all over your face, hands, etc. These will keep your skin from getting dry.

Add adequate layers to your clothing

This is the most important part of your preparation for a run in the cold. The key is in wearing multiple layers of clothing which isn’t too bulky, but at the same time keeps you warm. The clothing you choose should be made of sport natural fibers like merino wool or silk blended with synthetics.

First layer: Wear the thinnest fabric against your skin and add more garments on top based on your tolerance to the cold. 

Second layer: Use fleeces as they make great insulator layers but don’t block the wind well, which means you’ll most likely need a top layer, unless you choose wind-resistant fleece. 

Third layer: Use a breathable shell or windbreaker. Your top layer should block the wind and precipitation.

Select a proper time for running

You should select a proper time for running – when its not too cold and not too dark is advisable. Late mornings/ afternoon or early evenings should make for a good time to head out for a run. Also, let drivers know you are running by wearing more reflective clothing so that you are visible to the drivers coming by. Also try and carry a whistle along with you if possible. 

Warm up and stay hydrated

Do a little warm up before starting your run, to warm up the muscles and get the blood to circulate and reach every part of the body. 5-10 mins stretching is advisable before heading out for a run. 

Staying hydrated is also important for a good winter run. Just because its winter, it doesn’t mean that hydration isn’t of much importance. Make sure to hydrate yourself before, during and after your run in order to avoid any cramping because of dehydration. You can use warm fluids in your water bottle and take it along with you while running.

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