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Delivering the powerful conditioning benefits of running without stressful pounding on the joints, the new Zero Runner from Octane Fitness, LLC, is revolutionizing running as a one-of-a-kind training solution that already has received rave reviews at races around the United States.

“With years of research and development behind it, the Zero Runner is the only machine that replicates real running motion without any impact to the body,” said Tim Porth, executive vice president of product development and marketing at Octane Fitness. “Runners now can get their mileage in without compromising performance due to overuse or injury. And the Zero Runner opens the door to anyone who wants to run.”

Unprecedented Innovation
Unlike treadmills or ellipticals, the Zero Runner features mechanical hip and knee joints that mimic human biomechanics in running. The independent pedals allow runners to replicate their natural running gait, just like outside, providing support throughout. Plus, the Zero Runner analyzes each step and measures their gait, so it helps runners maintain and perfect their form, particularly when fatigue begins to set in after many miles.

Due to the unique hip and knee joints on the Zero Runner, users completely control their motion throughout their run, and the machine follows the runner’s natural gait. For variety, warm-ups or cool downs, users also can choose a shortened, more circular motion; perform deep forward lunges; or utilize a straight-leg swing movement. Upper-body handles offer a natural arm motion and help maintain proper posture.

The sleek console incorporates favorite running stats, including pace, stride length, distance, heart rate, calories burned and workout time. It also is compatible with Polar, ANT+ and Bluetooth® wireless heart rate connectivity, and includes two placement options for a tablet.

Optimizing Performance
The Zero Runner offers multiple benefits:

  • Run without impact – runners can utilize the Zero Runner to add mileage without beating up their body and risking injury; they use same stride and muscles as they do running outside
  • Half-marathon and marathon preparation – when fatigue sets in on longer runs, poor form results, which increases impact and stress – so now longer runs can be a combination of outside and Zero workouts to maximize stamina, maintain form and reduce injury-causing impact
  • Active recovery – for runners who find it difficult to take a day off, the Zero Runner is a valuable option that enhances conditioning but eliminates joint stress; it eliminates the “junk miles” runners are compelled to rack up after hard runs when they are fatigued and their muscles are shot
  • Cross training – One of the best ways to improve running performance is cross training. CROSS CiRCUIT®, which combines running on the Zero with strength training and flexibility intervals, provides the exercise selection and video demonstration, and runners focus on improving strength, core stability and flexibility to boost overall performance
  • Longer career – the Zero Runner keeps people running longer by removing the harmful pounding that can cut short a runner’s longevity

SmartLink™ Connectivity
The SmartLink app from Octane Fitness, downloaded to an iPad®, adds greater value by wirelessly connecting to the Zero Runner during workouts. Runners can select workouts based on their goal – endurance, strength or active recovery. And cross training is simple and convenient with live video demonstrations of CROSS CiRCUIT routines, which combine intervals of running on the Zero Runner with strength training exercises – all in one workout.

Plus, runners can use their iPad for entertainment or to access their own videos and music on long runs – all while SmartLink records data. SmartLink for the Zero Runner will be available for free download at the iTunes® store in September.

Run Without Impact
The Zero Runner will be sold in specialty fitness retailers in the United States beginning in August; the MSRP is $3,299. For more information about this unique product, visit

Octane Fitness Background
Relentlessly fueled to reinvent zero-impact cardiovascular exercise, Octane Fitness has perfected the elliptical machine, introduced a new category with the xRide® recumbent elliptical, designed strength-infused cardio with the unique CROSS CiRCUIT, created exercise in a new direction with the LateralX®, reinvented running with the Zero Runner and is leading smarter training with SmartLink. Defined by standout innovations, and driven to deliver more effective, efficient and rewarding workouts, Octane is engineering zero-impact cardio domination.

Find Octane at Images are available; contact Julie King at 847.638.1582 or jking(at)octanefitness(dot)com. For more information, contact the company at 888-OCTANE4 (888-628-2634) or Octane Fitness, CROSS CiRCUIT, LateralX, xRide and Zero Runner are registered trademarks of Octane Fitness.

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