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The end of the year brings about the festive season, celebrations and parties. While we always look forward to the celebrations and the fireworks, there are some uninvited visitors as well- smoke, smog and pollution! Pollution makes it hard for the skin to breathe, leaving it irritated, dehydrated, and worsening existing conditions such as eczema. Pollutants make their way into water sources contaminating them further. Here are some tips to take care of your skin, to help keep that glow, well past the festive season!

1. Stay Hydrated.

Pollution causes your skin to dry out, staying hydrated is very important to allow your body to expel the harmful chemicals in our body. Use moisturizer and SPF daily to help your skin maintain its glow.

2. Eat Food Rich in Antioxidant’s.

Antioxidant’s can combat the harmful effects of pollution on your skin and help restore the skin’s hydrolipidic layer, promoting growth of new healthy skin. 

3. Cover Your Face When You Leave Home.

The best way to combat pollution in the air, is to ensure that your skin doesn’t come in contact with the air, and cover yourself when you step out into more contaminated areas.

4. Exfoliate One a Week.

Exfoliating will help remove the layer of dead skin cells that come in contact with air, creating space for skin regeneration. Pro Tip: Wash your face in the evening daily to remove any pollution that might have stuck onto it during the day. 

5. Use a Shower & Tap Filter.

Water that is contaminated can be linked to skin irritation, eczema and oily skin. Shower & Tap Filters can reduce the effects of the harsh pollutants present in water by turning them into harmless chemicals that wash away. They increase the lifespan of your soaps and shampoos and improve the performance of your skin care products.

Some of these tips, not only help with the effects of pollution on your skin, but also, with the effect of it on your overall health. Face masks prevent you from breathing in as much pollution, while drinking water helps your body get rid of the pollutants that manage to get in. Shower & tap filters have become a daily necessity as the water quality continues to decline in order to maintain hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

Inputs By WaterScience. 

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