Inputs by Holistic Nutritionist Veronica Kumra:

1.     Eat more whole foods – The easiest way to start a healthy year is to make a conscious effort to fill your plate every time with more whole foods(like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds & pure protein sources) and less processed foods (like bread, cheese, processed meats & pre-made frozen meals).

2.     Choose a sustainable Diet – Instead of following trending fad diets that deliver fast results while compromising your metabolism & mental health. Diets that you can’t possibly sustain in the long run after achieving your goal weight without feeling starved/restricted. Then fearing your weight will bounce back once you go back to eating without a set plan is definitely not worth all the effort. Choose a nutrition plan that not only meets your goals but blends well with your lifestyle. Delivers slow but sustainable results. A diet that can become your lifestyle and not feel like a “diet” is a luxury. Where you can find a balance between enjoying your social lifelong with your occasional treats without sabotaging your progress and feeling guilty. Making health your long-term goal, encouraging self-awareness& eating intuitively is your recipe to a “sustainable transformation”.

3.     Increase Vitamin D intake – Optimal Vitamin D intake is not only necessary for your bone health& immune system but can help prevent chronic health problems (like heart disease, diabetes and some cancers) and even stimulate hair growth. Hence, make sure to get exposed to sunlight at least 15-20mins daily and add a vitamin D supplement(no more than 4,000IU a day) to your daily vitamin stash. 

4.     Incorporate movement to your daily routine – Whether it is a workout, playing a sport or simply going out for a stroll.  It’s important to get your blood flowing & stimulate oxygen supply to every part of your body for optimal functioning. Make sure to incorporate some form of physical activity that you enjoy into your daily chores.

5.     Prioritize sleep– Ever since overworking has become a badge of honor in our society, we often end up prioritizing socializing oversleeping. We take our bodies to extremes sleep deprived & over-caffeinated which further results in anxiety & weak immune system responses. Lack of sleep & poor quality of sleep can lead to some serious health problems such as insulin resistance, neurological problems, weight gain, depression, anxiety to name a few. Therefore, it is important to make sure we get 7-8hours of quality sleep every day for our bodies to perform optimally.

6.     Reduce stress – Often overlooked but stress is a major contributing factor to almost all health problems starting from heart disease, obesity, diabetes to digestive disturbances(like IBS, GERD, gastrointestinal problems) & depression. Stress can be both internal & external. Although the goal should be to eliminate stress completely. However, it is practically not possible, but you can minimize stress with meditation, yoga, deep breathing, exercise, therapy or whatever it is you enjoy to help disconnect from the world from time to time so that you can get back in harmony with yourself. “Me time” is not selfish.

7.     Form a morning routine–Having a morning routine is like showing up for yourself and making yourself a priority. It’s like honoring yourself and putting your needs first. Following a set routine in the morning helps kickstart your day in the right manner with you being in synch with yourself before you start interacting with the rest of the world. This way you control your day than allowing your day to control you.

8.     Say your daily affirmations – Speaking your daily affirmations out loud won’t make you a narcissist but will help you stay focused on your goal with the right energy & attitude. Positive self-talk has the power to completely turn around disbelief, self-doubt, negative thinking&body shaming thoughts into being grateful & romanticizing your life. So let’s not underestimate the power of positive affirmations.

9.     Set daily intentions–Setting your intentions for the day works much deeper than you think. It activates our receptivity, manifests & puts out what we intend to attract & call into our life. Intentions give us purpose as well as motivation & inspiration to achieve our purpose. Writing down your intentions &saying your affirmations for the day make the most powerful visualizing tool together to stay focused & committed to achieving your goals. 

10.  Choose passion over perfection – Ditch completing tasks half-heartedly. You end up putting more effort and being frustrated. But if you’re passionate about a project/task you are ought to successfully accomplish it with less effort & more happiness. Because you will give it your 100% and do it with all your heart. Your passion defines you. It puts you on a pedestal and makes you shine. 

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