We all have thought about choosing that right shoe that can help us run better while keeping injury at bay. It is always tricky to find that right pair that lasts for long and suits your style of running while keeping you off injuries. It’s important to understand some basic aspect such as pronation, looking at your running style and understanding what features works best for you. To simply put, you need to understand you gait/ how your foot lands on the surface as that would determine the type of shoes you need to buy for yourself.

ASICS claims to be the only brand in India to provide you with a chance to get your foot analysed, through 3D Foot Mapping Technology and Gait Analysis. This analysis helps you to find the right shoe for yourself.

Let’s understand how this technology from ASICS works:

3D Foot Mapping: The advanced 3D Foot Mapping System analyses your foot using laser and micro cameras. The result is a 3D scan of your foot, which is compared to a database to find the shoes that match your feet best. Measurements made by the system include foot length, forefoot width, ball girth, arch height and heel tilt. FOOT ID’s static component works with a 3-D foot-scanning device equipped with 4 lasers and 8 cameras. It enables highly accurate foot measurements down to the millimetre within seconds. The system derives those foot measurements that are relevant for finding the right shoe. 

Gait Cycle Analysis: Your gait cycle is analysed using video after you complete running on a treadmill for a few seconds while your feet are filmed. The images are then analysed by an ASICS expert. The focus of gait analysis is to measure your degree of pronation. Seven measurements are taken on each foot, including foot length, ball girth, instep and arch height, the heel’s width and angle, as well as the toe angle. Based on this analysis you can try on shoes that match your pronation pattern.

Currently, you can visit any ASICS Franchise stores in the country and experience the technology.

My type of running

Once you have figured out your pronation type, its important to assess the type of running you will do.  Most of the shoes are made for running on streets, pavement, treadmill or park. They are cushioned properly to protect your foot from the impact of running on the hard surfaces. Almost all of popular brands are offering these shoes which are well cushioned and the material used makes them very light. But if you are planning to run or uneven ground or participating in a obstacle race/ trail run, then trail shoes are a better option. Trail running shoes are designed for better grip/friction and are made strong to protect the foot.

How much to spend on the shoe

It’s a myth that more the price of shoe, the better it is. Its not necessary to go for most expensive shoe thinking that they offer more than the others. You can get a decent pair of shoe starting from Rs. 1500 or USD 25 onwards. Its important to make sure you find the right shoes as per how you pronate before considering the cost factor. If your budget allows, you can go for expensive pair of shoes as there is no upward limit.

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