Sheila Pereira from Worcester, Massachusetts was looking forward to participating in a half marathon race. While registering for a run in her local city, she mistakenly registered for the marathon in Worcester, England, deeming that race is going to be held in Massachusetts, USA.

She was pleasantly surprised when she realized her mistake of registering for the wrong marathon. This mistake did not deter her spirit as she continued with her training and preparation. On the day of the run, she still ran the distance of 13.1 miles in just 2 hours and went on to share the running data from the popular app, Strava, with the organizers.

In appreciation of her efforts, Worcester City Half Marathon dispatched finishers medal and t-shirt to Sheila Pereira. 

Talking to BBC News, British athlete Steve Cram, who was among the organizers of the half-marathon, has also extended his invitation to Pereira for the next edition of the event.

“We’d love to welcome Sheila in person next year – I don’t know much about Worcester, Massachusetts, but Worcester, England, is a beautiful city and well worth a visit,” Cram said.

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