Reebok has recently introduced a shoes that uniquely adapts to any foot, called ZPump Fusion. The concept is based on its revolutionary technology called – The Pump technology – to create ZPump Fusion which has a new and proprietary air-filled cage that surrounds and molds to a any foot providing a locked-in custom fit.
Priced at INR 14,999, the Reebok ZPump Fusion shoes are already available across all Reebok Fit Hub stores in the country. 
Now lets understand how the concept works:

Unlike a traditional running shoe which is often made up of over 40 individual parts; the Reebok ZPump Fusion is made up of just three key parts, meaning no rigid components that restrict movement in the foot. Each of the three parts in the ZPump Fusion works together to deliver improved fit and control.

  1. The Pump technology – The revolutionary air-filled cage is lightweight and fully customizablethat pumps up and wraps around the individual shapes and contours of the foot to deliver acustom, locked-in fit to achieve maximum performance.
  2. The Fusion Sleeve – The Fusion Sleeve is a four way stretch sleeve that holds together the key components of the ZPumpFusion. A lightweight and seamless compression sleeve, it fuses The Pump technology to any runners’ foot to provide improved control and comfort as you run.
  3. ZRATED outsole – The high-speed, underfoot performance that is essential to any high tempo running shoe is provided by the ZRATED outsole. Inspired by high performance ZRATED tires, the edges and underfoot grooves provide increased handling and control so runners can stop, start and turn on a dime.

When The Pump actuatoron the heel of the ZPump Fusion is pushed, air is channeled through the valve and into theair-filled cageenabling it tofill and clasp around the upper and heel in a way that is unique to each foot.To release the air, runners can simply deflate usingthe release valve. 

The concept of the shoe is certainly interesting and it will be good to try out and see how it actually works. Based on several reviews of the shoes that we came across, it looks that it definitely makes walking and running a much better experience and can help to get a better runner out of you!

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